My Qualifications

July 2018 - Present

UX/UI Designer, Application Developer & System Administrator - NORDAM - Tulsa, OK

Designed in-house applications for the production of S1000D compliant technical publications within the aerospace manufacturing and repair industry. Designed application wireframes and prototypes while working closely with application developers to produce low-cost, high impact solutions that are responsive to our customer's needs and requirements.

Jan 2010 - Present

Lead Graphics & Video Designer - Imzadi Publishing, LLC - Tulsa, OK

As Lead Graphic Artist I am responsible for cover conception and creation, book trailer video script authoring, video creative conception and development, marketing material conception and production, and all aspects of book formatting for production in print and digital media.

2005 - Present

Graphics, Video, UX/UI, & Learning Designer - Cyber-Bytz - Tulsa, OK

I am the proprietor of Cyber-Bytz, this is the side-business I operate that allows ma wonderfully creative outlet. Through Cyber-Bytz I assist authors and business owners who want quality graphics at an affordable price. My cover art for Michael Stephen Daigle's award-winning Frank Nagler Mystery series has won awards! Examples of my work may be viewed at

July 2007 - 2018

Database System Administrator, Learning Experience & UX Designer - NORDAM - Tulsa, OK

Within this role I built, modified, and maintained SQL databases conforming to the aerospace ATA and S1000D international specifications for the production of technical manuals that were required to adhere to FAA and S1000D guidelines. This position required me to design reports and queries in SQL and collaborate with international customers to transfer data in compliance with international and domestic import/export standards. This often required me to translate and validate XML documents against specification and project business rules and then perform  troubleshooting in sgml, .cgm, .tiff, .jpg, and .xml files. I assisted the Senior Developer, secured PDF documents, maintained company internet/intranet web pages using XML, CSS, and HTML. * Recognizes subject matter expert for stakeholder software training or problem shooting with all Microsoft and Adobe applications.