UX/UI Skills

I have conducted thousands of stakeholder interviews throughout my career and am very comfortable conducting, onboarding, user testing, and focus groups, when in the research phase to learn precisely what it is that users want in an application or process.

Performing interviews, leading focus groups, or facilitating group projects such as working on affinity diagrams and card sorting requires me to have the ability to put people at ease and listen empathetically, while also asking pertinent questions in a conversational manner.
Wireframing is a crucial component to communicate to management and programmers how the app or website I am working on functions by defining all of the elements that need to be present from screen to screen. 
NorPubs Wireframe.png
prototype screen shot.png
This phase of development goes through many iterations, therefore it is a necessity for me to be able to produce effective prototypes quickly that allow my team and I to test functionality and overall navigation in order to ensure we are meeting both the business and the user goals for the app or website.

Programs I use to create prototypes are varied and include: Figma, AdobeXD, Justin in Mind, and Sketch.
Visual Communication/Design
As an award winning graphic artist I instinctually have an eye for visual design. Visual hierarchy, feedback, and giving the user what they need when they need are all important parts of the design process. And so is company branding. Fleshing-out mood boards helps me as a designer to stay true to branding or new concepts, it's also an integral portion of the handover documentation to help others in the design process as well. Here I define color, typography, icons, and logos.
Norpubs Mood Board.png
My skills working with databases, and problem solving in HTML, CSS, SQL and other programming languages often allows me to work closely with other departments as a liaison between the design and development processes. Having these skills gives me a unique perspective to advocate for the user, because I am often able to communicate to power programmers in a language they understand easily as well.

Languages I have worked with are: HTML, CSS, SQL, XML, and JavaScript.
SQL example.jpf
HTML Example.jpf
CSS example.jpf