I have used these coding languages off and on since 1998, depending on when each came on the scene.

I've used them for the obvious jobs such as websites, but I've also used them to help deliver S1000D compliant technical manuals for aircraft to clients around the world
HTML Example.jpf
Cascading Style Sheets are something I am quite familiar with. Whether I design them for a website, an application, or an eBook for an author or publisher.

When an author or publisher asks me to format an eBook, I go old-school and do it by hand. It's the best way for me to ensure a quality product for the user.
CSS example.jpf
SQL & SQLite
Generally I have used SQL & SQLite with database development. Designing the database, developing tables, views, and queries and of course with reporting.

There are times when these skills come in very useful for me when communicating with app developers. 
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Asset 1.png
Most of my experience with JavaScript comes with working to make technical publications for aircraft interactive for the user. I developed this script because mechanics in the field and on the shop floor complained that they couldn't find what they needed easily. Subsequently this script was developed to allow mechanics to click on a callout in an image and go right to the part in the manual, or click on the part number in the manual and go directly to the callout in the image to see where the part was located.

nWait = 0;
nWords = getPageNumWords(162);
   for (var loop = 0; loop < [nWords - 1]; loop++) {
     word = getPageNthWord(162, loop);
     if (word == "230") {
       if (nWait == "0") {
         this.selectPageNthWord(162, loop);
       nWait = nWait + 1;

Script developed to highlight callouts in aircraft technical publication pdf.