Book Covers

Samples of custom designed, award-winning cover art for authors & publishers.

I love the creative process that comes with working with authors and publishers to create book covers. Each one brings new creative challenges that require me to improve my skills, understand publishing standards, and maintain branding expectations.
Alternative cover for Throwaways
The Weight of Living - Kindle Cover.jpg
Black Market Bones-Kindle Cover-small.jpg
A Game Called Dead cover - high res.jpg
Red Hand-AuthorsDb bronze-2019.png
Dragon Bone - Digital Cover - IS.jpg
Blackstar Gambit - Kindle Cover.jpg


Samples of hand sketched and digital illustrations.
Each of these are original creations. Some were drawn from photographs I've taken, while others were created using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.
Hand sketched cheetah
Hand sketched bald eagle
Digitally drawn angel wings
Digitally created glamorous woman for Faith Lost book cover.
Hand sketched vamp
Hand sketched lion cub
Wholehog Baby Logo for food truck
Digitally created dragon's eye pendant for book cover.
Digitally drawn wings for Gabriel's Wing book cover and book trailer


Original book trailer videos produced for authors and publishers.
For more samples
Each video was created for Imzadi Publishing as marketing material for their authors. These were created using Adobe After Effects, custom artwork as seen in my samples.